The Ultimate Video SEO Guide to Drive Traffic and Increase Revenue for Your Business

In 2016, global video traffic garnered 73 percent of consumer internet traffic. It’s estimated that by 2021 video traffic percentages will hike to 82 percent of consumer internet traffic. Most, if not all, business people with an online presence understand that this traffic can easily double or triple business customer traffic over time.

To leverage on video-generated traffic, it’s essential that you adopt the right SEO tips and tactics best suited for videos. This article provides a video-SEO optimization checklist, including SEO hacks that lessen your burden and make optimization easy for you.

In the article you’ll find:

I. Video SEO tips and tactics

II. Video SEO tools to get you started

III. Types of marketing videos to create for traffic generation

IV. Video marketing mistakes to avoid

Video SEO tips and tactics to help you boost traffic

Short Video Tactic

Make sure that your videos are as short as possible. If your topic contains lots of content, then it’s advisable that you create a series of videos, as opposed to having 2-hour long videos. Note that videos 1–4 minutes long have greater viewership.

Maximize Video Distribution

Make your video available on multiple channels and platforms. For instance, you can upload your video on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook. Also, post your videos on your web page. NB: Avoid having more than one video in one page so as to avoid congestion and loss of viewer interest.

Provide video captions/Attach a video transcript or content summary to your videos Create content summaries for your videos and make the summaries conveniently available. Otherwise, you can create video captions or transcripts for your videos.

Video SEO tools to get you started

Social media analytics tool: Analytics tools, such as Tubular Labs, enable you to assess viewers’ habits, commenting tendencies, and users’ video engagement.

Video Sitemap tool: Video sitemap informs Google about your videos and directs interested viewers to your web page and not to YouTube or other platforms.

Promotional Video tools: Creating engaging, high-quality promotional videos creates brand awareness and educates potential clients about your brand. Renderforest and GoAnimate are examples of video creation tools you may find useful.

Video thumbnail tools: Video thumbnails serve as a link or lead to a large image or your site (example provided below). Create informative thumbnails that identify with your brand. Canva is a graphics tool that offers a freemium and you can use it to create eye-catching thumbnails.

Types of marketing videos to create for traffic generation

Mastering video SEO best practices helps you to focus on marketing hacks that really matter. Below is a list of the types of videos that can help you drive traffic fast and easy.

Explanatory videos: explanatory videos serve customers who use your products and the ones making a buying decision.

Product review videos: the videos are great for informative purposes and attract potential customers exploring different options.

Create Webinars and Vlogs: provide long-form informational content on your area of expertise. These videos boost customer loyalty and referrals as they are more shareable than purely promotional videos.

Video marketing mistakes to avoid

Don’t set your target at one million views just for the sake of it. If 1000 people in your target group watch your videos, you’re halfway there to meeting your company’s vision and goals.

Avoid overly sales-pitchy videos. There’s nothing wrong with letting interested viewers know that you’re selling, but there’s no need to make them feel like it’s a recruitment session to yet another global warming movement.

Avoid overloading your video clips with lots of information. Overloading viewers with information increases your videos’ bounce rate. Focus on the Why, How, and What of something specific, and mention these as early as possible in your videos.


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